Starry diary entries

Starry diary 16.10.17 (Second scan & sensing the magic)

My second scan was a strange experience, wondrous as it was. I couldn’t enjoy seeing my baby as much as the first time around, so anxious to know if they were a boy or a girl. But, all signs are pointing to girl, and you know what? It’s not made the change I thought it would. Knowing is something different.

Starry diary entries

Starry diary 11.10.17 (Loss & a glow of promise)

Last week – come to think of it, the last few – was one for bittersweetness. I lost my great aunt in September. The one who taught me to read ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ aloud with expression. Who taught me and my sister how to paint a dragon, the ash blooming from its maw and embers glowing on its scales. Who gave my whole family, and many friends besides, powerful memories that defined how we led our lives, by her example.


Loving ‘kid’s stuff’ & the power of fun

We adult types have some strange attitudes about ‘kid’s stuff’. Cartoons, toys, even books for younger audiences are slated as less intelligent, less artistically valid or, as it’s often so simply put, “that rubbish”. I do watch, read, collect and play with “that rubbish”, and I’m finding I enjoy it more now than I ever did. That’s because I can better appreciate all they taught me as a child, what they still have to teach me now, and in the future through my own child’s eyes.